Seren Dipify

FML! We Are Re-Branding (Again)

Online dating?  No online dating?  Online dating without saying we are online dating?  After tons of feedback, and never-ending social insights, it’s not getting any easier to come to a decision.  Time to go to our quiet places and getting back to basics.


Concert for Love and Soul


The History

Natawon and I created Dipify — an online serendipity messenger— not because we understood singles; we did it because we understood anybody who is impulsively social or in need of a social tune up.  Those are the people we dealt with in 3 years of running singles’ events, not speed dating.

We always believed in order to meet interesting people, you need to do interesting things.  With Dipify we re-created the environment we used to connect people around activities.  So when you talk to somebody on Dipify it’s as natural as doing something and being introduced by a friend.   After all, it’s what you do (not say) that socially rewards you.

Best friends and storied romances can come from anywhere.  (I’ve heard stories of people dating off of WoW).  Social serendipity can happen any day you go out, explore and enjoy— the world is your playground, and the net is a never-ending party.  People just need to find the perfect excuses to come up and say something positive or relevant.


online dating


The Challenges

It’s hard to be yourself, socially or professionally.  One needs courage to experiment; and conviction to see it through.

The initial concern with sticking to our roots is that anything outside of sex and true love have no strong marketable appeal.  Got drama?  On the Dragons’ Den (The Canadian version of ‘Shark Tank‘), Kevin O’Leary asked a young entrepreneur, in the friendship space, “where’s the hot action?”  And Bruce Croxon (Lavalife) agreed.  On the other hand, marketing executives have told us, “there is no room in the dating industry for puritans.”  While another goes on to say, “there is no room in the dating space, Period!”

It’s scary to do something new.  Dipify has never been done before.  People try to understand the world by association and comparison.  And what we compare online interaction with the ick of online dating, such as losers, profile smashing and privacy invasion.  Plus it’s hard for people to imagine not constantly feeding a profile in order to get results; just as it’s hard to sometimes let life take it’s course.

However, Dipify isn’t about invading the dating kingdom, nor advocate platonic relationships.  We are creating another dimension to your online life— filled with new opportunities to chat and be inspired with what’s in front of you— to be connected with this moment only.  We don’t need any more reasons to go to the Superbowl.  We cheer for the ‘right team’ to feel connected with the team and the crowd.  If we get lucky as well… that’s bonus!


Seren Dipify


The Ultimate Goal

We want to inspire people to think of what could be.  There are so many coincidences out there; so many opportunities to be connected.  It’s almost fun to imagine and make shit up.

Who knows what will come from a late night chit chat— storied romance, shacking up with a family in San Jose, waiting for the parents to sleep *Ahem* or maybe be journeying the great america highways in search of clarity from a ‘burning man’ of some sort.  We could find ourselves mixing with a new crowd, or simply finding new hobbies.  Maybe nothing at all.  But one thing is certain our stories are a bit fuller with each passing character.


If  a snowboard clip on YouTube can inspire me change my life, what could it do for anybody else?  Now my friends and I are into new tunes, hanging out with new people, and exploring new terrain.  A year prior to that video, we didn’t even snowboard.  That’s the power of collective excitement.  That is serendipity.

Good things may happen when you live life and Dipify.


Snowboarding Big White, British Columbia, Canada

For me, it’s scary to imagine what may have never been.  I’m blessed with all the characters that crossed my path.



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