Bumble Online Dating App For Women by Women

Bumble : Tinder For Women by Women

Bumble Online Dating App For Women by Women


No fury like a woman scorned. Former Tinder co-founder, Whitney Wolfe, launched a competing app during her lawsuit against her former co-founders.  Having suffered abuse of her own, Whitney is leading former Tinder employees on a journey to make online dating safer for women with Bumble.


Bumble is already out on iTunes.  Here are some highlights:



At first glance, the first visible difference is your school and work are clearly visible on your profile.  If I had a nickel for every time a lady asked me what I do, before catching my name… Bumble gets straight to the point.  Moving on.


Women initiate the conversation

This is the highlighted feature of Bumble.  Only women can send the first message.  This is to reduce the “creepy” and “cheesy” messages.  Are there more women willing and able to initiate an interesting conversation, than creeps?  Bumble is betting the bank there are.


24 hours to reply

I don’t see the point, only the money.  With more rules, on top of less matches, more men are encouraged to just #swiperight.  Bumble might as well remove mutual consent altogether— allowing women to shop for men.


Zero tolerance

Finally a step in to the right direction.  The best ideas are usually the most simple ones.  If Bumble succeeds in maintaining a positive environment, they truly set themselves apart from the rest of the free online dating apps.  Perhaps then they will loosen up the above restrictions later.


Bumble puts a stamp on serious dating.   I personally can’t imagine what kind of women I expect to meet in a controlled environment such as Bumble.  However, Whitney, who cultivated Tinder in frats and sororities, has got a challenge ahead of herself to get men excited this time around.  People will be watching Bumble.  Because their lessons and growth will be a positive for the all around online dating industry.

How to Really Fix Online Dating

How to (Really) Fix Online Dating.

How to Really Fix Online Dating


We hear a lot about how “online dating is broken”.  But is it?  Or is it the way we communicate what online dating and membership quality really is?  Before the fixing begins, start ups need to understand what’s really broken, the culture.  Online dating is, in many ways, just as hopeful or sad (depending on how you look at it) as real life.  So in order to inspire change for the better, we need to cultivate it.


Here are 4 practical ways to encourage membership quality in Online Dating:


Create an Environment

Tinder broke the barriers to entry for casual daters’ with simplicity and ease.  There is still room to create an environment that is either more fun, or engaging.  Thumbs up to Loveflutter and Worthy are great examples.  These two created just enough effort to dissuade unwanted behavior, yet made the process fun enough to keep me engaged.  The day online dating becomes fun, like clubbing without the morning regrets, is the day online dating truly triumphs.


Provide Guidance

If offline dating events taught me anything, it’s that people need guidance.  If we left a bunch of singles in a room, and eventually they’ll tear each other apart.  Just look at the comments on YouTube or Twitter.  Errr… Maybe not so dramatic. That is why online daters experience poor behavior, excruciating profiles, and irrationally high expectations.   People’s first instinct is to seek familiarity and security in an insecure environment.  One way I was able to improve  participation and interaction at my events was providing a host.  If social start-ups, such as Dipify, succeed in becoming a host or a friend, users could be more responsive and positive towards each other.  Games anyone?


Work on Communication

Tinder, for example was made a media darling as a hook-up app.  It seems almost unfair to demonize somebody looking for a Tinder hook-up.  Most free dating apps are very vague in what they want to accomplish — neither encourages nor discouraged any sort of behavior.  To settle things, somebody should just come up with an online dating app (just like Tinder) for serious relationships, or the same app strictly for hook-ups— enforced by their own respective policies.  People will eventually gravitate towards what works for them.  I imagine many would utilize both apps.


Start with Marketing

Marketing is the blood of online dating— The trend being to stir up some controversy for the press.  But there is light in the end of the tunnel.  I found Tinder in Bangkok, of all places, boasts many reputable men and women seeking honest friendships. The way Thais adopt new technology is strongly based on referral.  Without the local press painting it as a hot new hookup app, Tinder has a lot less ick moments than local dating sites.  I wonder how long that lasts.


It essence, it doesn’t take fancy gimmicks for start-ups to inspire membership quality; it takes a stronger effort to communicate what membership quality is.  “Membership quality” is cultivated in Frat Houses, Sundays services and real life experiences, and works accordingly.  If start-ups want to build a better community of [blank], they should say so, and market to so.


Do you have ideas to improve online dating? I’d like to hear it @derekonomy.

Top Dating Apps Sites - OKCupid Tinder Zoosk Skout Badoo POF

Top FREE Dating Apps (Tested)

Top Dating Apps Sites - OKCupid Tinder Zoosk Skout Badoo POF


Bloggers wanna trash online dating for the sake of entertaining.  Top-lists want to make a few referral bucks.  I want you to meet awesome people.


Now that Dipify is passed the online dating phase, I have no problem sharing my honest insights on our former competition.  Yep, I tried them all, even the unmentionable and forgettable ones.  Sorry, Natawon.  Some of these sites really aren’t that bad.


Truth be told, I was able to connect with people on any of these sites.  I’ve even had luck on Tagged.  But a good app makes it easy.


Results obviously varies between people. I am a guy. My subjects are females, ages 22 - 28, from everywhere (I use a GPS faker). I'm neither a P.U.A. nor a sexual deviant.



OKC is cute, playful, and incredibly well thought out.  I met tons of intellectual, witty, ladies on here.  If you read profiles, and are nice, there really is no stopping you.  I have, on many occasions, gotten girls asking me out (!?!) simply because I’m “the only nice/interesting person” on there.  I have a hard time believing that’s true.  So play nice and be relevant.

However, the rumors are true atOKC netizens are extremely judgmental.  Prepared to be dissected under a microscope.  I have had people actually read my profile *gasp* and inquire about my survey questions.  No wonder why people hire professional writers and coaches for online dating.

Bottom line:  Most interesting people



Tinder is so simple even a child can do it.  Not only have I had a few entertaining chit chats;  I taught my friend to work it too.   He’s a timid Asian guy, now dating an Irish girl—take that, OKTrends!  It’s really not hard to figure out a pattern and implement a system that works for you— that sounds way worse than it actually is…

As vain as Tinder may seem, this is how people really do meet in the club.  And it really does go better with a drink in-hand.   Unlike OKC, this is one of those apps where nice guys really do finish last.  So, feel free to be as zany as you want can.   However, be warned, there are people in America waiting to screenshot and publicly shame you for a few giggles and virtual thumbs up.  So remember, don’t feed the trolls!

Bottom line:  Most attractive people



Skout is….  surprisingly not that bad— even better when you are in Asia.  Skout is jammed packed with odd features that you’ll probably never use.  So your best shot is to not be generic— which is easier said than done.

Keep in mind, you are mixing into a crowd of uninterested company.  And if Skouters aren’t being boring, they are only killing boredom or cyber-loafing at work.  You basically are chatting with ladies who really have no intent of meeting you.  So looking for a date here is like swimming against the tide.  However if you can fight off the *yawns* and not fall into the same conversation over-and-over-and-over-again there are some bargain-bin lookers on here.  Patience is key.

Bottom line:  Most boring people



POF (Plenty of Fish) is for when you need a date, and you need it NOW.  POF’s ugly no bullshit approach to design and user flow is indicative of it’s user-base.  Girls are all business here, probably referred to by meddling friends, intrigued by a sense of determination.  But it works.  They are the only ones one this list to include a search engine for interests!  It’s so simple!

Ignore any claims of denial or blame— they are not just looking and their friends didn’t make them do this.  There is no time to be tentative.  The ladies will cut you off after 5 or so messages.  So you be ready to close the deal and get some digits.  This is not a place to discuss personal philosophies.  Friends of mine go on tons of dates off POF and are still single… so figure it out as you go along.

And remember you have competition!  It’s a sausage party here!  GO-GO-GO!

Bottom line:  Most serious daters 


badoo icon

Badoo draws an interesting crowd.  If you judge the dating site by the quality (over quantity) of the people, Badoo has got to be dead last.  We are talking strolling through the boonies — call girls, teenage-mothers, and cougars.  I cringe every time I get a notification from Badoo.  No you may not have my Facebook or phone-number!  It Probably has something with the way Badoo markets and acquire users— from the looks of it, pure advertising of the lowest form.  The original owners of hot or not, swipe-right-right-right-right-right, had promise with a forefront of industry leading features.  But it’s pointless with this motley crew of what they call users.

I have talked to some nice people on here though.  But it takes a lot of rummaging.  However, I’m hearing it’s a lot better in Europe.  *shoulder shrug*

Bottom line:  Most undateable people



Zoosk is one company that just has problems keep up with the times.  The design, logo, and music video came together like some high school economics project.  It’s just so hard to take them seriously.

I have yet to get passed the pay wall.  Somebody really bent the truth in their description.  The last time I used Zoosk, they were implying insisting I purchase their fun bucks to buy some popularity on their hilarious meter.  *ahemhighschool* That’s not a very positive message.  Since then, they have gone through a redesign I see… I just don’t care.

Yes, I really shouldn’t be ending the tour with Zoosk…. Take it away, T-PAIN!

Bottom line:  Pass…



C’mon!  One does not simply just join one to rule them all!  So I rank these apps in this order:

  • For dates/hook-ups :  POF, Tinder, OKC, Badoo, Skout
  • For chat : OKC, Skout, Tinder, POF, Badoo
  • For relationship : OKC, POF… Tinder, Skout, Badoo


Perhaps you aren’t fighting off loneliness or a nagging mother;  just looking to connect with awesome people.  Then connect with Dipify.  Meet people naturally through serendipity.