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Dipify’s Play Store (Mock-Up)

Looking at Dipify’s playstore statistics, I noticed it had a rather low conversion rate outside of Thailand.  Here are some of my suggestions on how to add a bit more excitement and class to it.


The Current Playstore

The Dipify’s Playstore listing was optimized for the local Thai audience, who had a hard time understanding the Dipify concept.  It is a real challenge explaining an app that introduces you to people when you watch YouTube on other apps and websites.  (Although I didn’t survey these results myself, I believe them to be true).

Dipify on Playstore

Thais tend to not like to read themselves (many actually entrust friends and others install the apps for them).    But for the expats, we went with minimalism, in order to avoid overwhelming people.  Sadly, the dull grey leaves the screenshots something to be desired for a techie and tinkerer.  We also chose 4 pictures, in order to remedy people becoming too confused with too many options.


The Dipify copywrite read as the following:

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wanted to talk about it with someone?
Awesome. YouTube videos are a great conversation starters.
Connect to Dipify, watch any YouTube Videos; and we'll introduce you to new friends if they watch it at the same time.

Feel Safe:
*Nobody knows what you are watching unless they are watching the same thing.
*No need for public profiles (optional). Meet people with what you do; not say.
*We don't store any history.
We are a new startup. We are currently working to add more features. Stay-tuned.
Please review the app, send us your comments and constructive feedbacks in order for us to bring improvements to Dipify's community on Android. Thanks! :D
Find out more about Dipify on

Have you spotted the first mistake?  “Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wanted to talk about it with somebody?”  is an old Pitchman’s sales tactic.  The method was to relate to the audience, and get them into the habit of saying yes off the bat.  In this usage case, even I would have to same “No.”  This doesn’t appear to be a common issue.  A more common issue would be “having trouble starting a conversation?”  Which leads to the next error.  It’s important to address a clear benefit, and what it means to your audience.  The only mention of being introduced to new friends is near the end of the paragraph.  The call to action is attached to the instructions— I’m not sure if that counts.  And finally the use of the word “if” drains from my excitement.

Another tweak the probably should be made is using more keywords.  Judging by the related apps, Google is having a hard time figuring out what Dipify does as well.  A Playstore listing should simple enough for a robot to understand; most of our audience probably in that mindset.   And there it ends.  This case was optimized in order for an English-Speaking-Thai audience to understand— long story.  


The Mockup

If Dipify was targeting an international audience, I would definitely apply some of the lessons I learnt when surveying North Americans.  I found Americans had no problem understanding how the app works.  However, they were not imagining how the app applies to them, and what kind of people they expected to meet (the most important thing to them).  We spent so much time explaining what it does, and doesn’t do, we completely forgot to story tell.

Make FriendsShare StoriesShare ideasDiscuss MusicDiscuss ArtBe Yourself

My goal with this collection was to imagine and illustrate what users can do with Dipify, rather than what Dipify does.  In the case of daters, I hoped to indirectly portray an ideal, interesting suitor.

Dipify seemed to strike a nerve with intellectuals.  Many people who were genuinely enthusiastic about Dipify imagined using it with lectures.  One American girl expressed excitement towards ted talks.  I personally want to see who is as excited about the snowboard season as I am.  However, in my experience in online dating, traveling/stories and food are my most effective conversations (probably cause I know a lot about those)— I probably should change art to hobbies/passions.  I stuck the last screen “be yourself” because Natawon seemed to like that saying.  Based on regions I would change the pictures.  (i.e. Thais appreciate drama and pop culture more than art— don’t shoot the messenger!).

I chose to go with a collection of 6.  They all say the same thing, opposed to the current one showing a new feature.  I don’t see a confusion there.  For those who actually look at screenshots (many don’t).



If I was to edit the copy, I would write along the lines of:

Dipify is the most natural way to meet new people, make friends, and "maybe more."  Somewhere, somebody is watching the same video as you.  Connect with Dipify to meet them.  Don't just comment; share, chat, relate and mayb flirt with like-minded people at the right time.

Enjoy more privacy than any other social/dating network.
*You do not need a public profile to be discovered.
*We delete your activity every 30min.  We don't store/share anything.
*Nobody knows what you are doing unless they are doing the same.

More features, to connect you with awesome people, are on the way.  Check us out at  and Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

As you see, I started with a clear concise benefit.  I dabbled into how Dipify works, leaving the rest to mystery— don’t give it all up on the first go.  I followed up with a call to action.  I differentiated Dipify from simply commenting on YouTube.  I took a brief moment to address a few of the initial concerns some had with Dipify (and crammed a couple more keywords).

Based on Dipify’s immediate goals, I would also consider changing the final statement to read:

Bump into friends as well.  Lets make Dipify a real community.  Share the serendipity.


dipify logo

Also the comment has been made that the logo leaves something to be desired.  So here it is, enclosed in a chat bubble.  (background for illustrative purposes only)


Experimentation & Analytics

Of course the work doesn’t stop there. Having an effective Playstore takes time and experimentation. If I was able to apply these changes, I would be required to monitor its effectiveness on Google Analytics.

There is always room for improvement.  Have the courage to experiment and conviction to see it through.

Meet Awesome People Through Facebook

Meet Awesome People Through Facebook

This is meeting people through Facebook the RIGHT WAY.

Imagine Facebook is a giant magazine shop, and everybody is friendly.  Although we are visiting in the comfort of our own homes, we can have an instant emotional connection, given the right timing and subject.  (Something more relevant than just a list of interests on a profile.)

To meet awesome people, all you have to do is to connect your Facebook account to Dipify,  After that, just browse the web.  When you like articles, Dipify will notify you when another Dipify user is liking the same, or similar, page as you.

No mutual friends.  No mutual profiles.  No feed activity.  Just interesting articles you ‘like’ and ‘share’.

The magic happens automatically.   The idea is to compliment your daily activity, not take you away from it.

Naturally meet friends, share ideas, or maybe even find a date.  You can set-up what type of people you want to meet in order to facilitate real online serendipity.  Be yourself and meet similar people.  Explore and meet new awesome people.


Meet Awesome People By Watching Youtube


Online presence can be just as meaningful as offline. 

Imagine Youtube is a giant film/music festival.  To see friendly faces, all you have to do is show up.

To meet awesome people on Dipify, all you have to do is to connect your Youtube account.   Then watch Youtube videos (via web or app).  Dipify will notify you when another Dipify user is watching the same video as you (or something similar).

The magic happens passively, on the server-side.  So you don’t need to do anything extra.  You don’t even need to be logged in for it to work!  The idea is not to take anything away from your daily life— not even your battery or mobile data.

Naturally meet friends, share ideas, or maybe even find a date.  You can set-up what type of people you want to meet for real online serendipity.  Be yourself and meet similar people.  Explore and meet new awesome people.

Finally, an app that socially rewards you for watching thought provoking videos, or office loafing.