The Net Is A Real Place

The Internet Is A Real Place!

The Net Is A Real Place


The Internet may feel like sitting home, head propped up against our hands.  But we have indeed traveled somewhere remarkable—like a dream, or an alternate reality.  It may not be physical; but the internet is a real place because the people and the emotions are real.


Everyday online personalities have an affect on us.  They stir up our emotions, unexplained desire, or hatred towards things—- where to eat; what to buy, who to point the finger at.  So it’s also possible to feel an emotional connection to an individual you never physically met.  There is infinite examples of the online affect of human cruelty and compassion— emotional cases of bullying or anonymous acts of kindness.  Just because we aren’t physically on site, doesn’t mean we can’t find trouble, surprise, or growth.


With Dipify, we created a way to cross paths with new people online; as you would bump into a friend at the movies.  You can possibly bump into friends on Dipify too.  With Dipify you have an online presence; the opportunity to give a nod, or simply pass on by.  Explore the world and naturally connect with netizens, simply by watching Youtube, or sharing on Facebook.   After all, the net is a party, a celebration of human’s greatest accomplishments, with tons of awesome people.


Although there is no online replacement for physical chemistry, our emotional connection is authentic— uninhibited by insecurity, shyness, or even fear of getting asses kicked.  When the excitement of discovery, or hurt of rejection, occurs, we find ourselves wondering what is wrong with us?  Nothing.  Because when we deal with real people, our connections transcend physical location.


Social serendipity can really happen online when you ‘step out’ with Dipify.


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Connect With People Through YouTube



Meeting awesome people is as natural as going to a film preview.  It’s as convenient as sitting your lazy ass home.


That’s Dipify.  When you watch YouTube, Dipify alerts you to people who are watching anything, similar or the exact same thing on Youtube.   Just set and forget.   Connect your YouTube (and set your match preferences too if you are a selective person).  And you are good to watch whatever you want anywhere you want.  That simple.  Dipify works casually in the background.

Meet People Through YouTubeWhen you are notified of somebody having the same moment as you, it’s like bumping into a friend you haven’t met.  After 10 minutes you history deletes, and people pass you by.  So speak up.  Don’t be another missed connection.


There is no public profiles or creeping.  Dipify isn’t online dating.  It’s everyday serendipity— a natural excuse to make friends and “maybe more”.

What is better than tinder?

Better Than Tinder?

What is better than tinder?


Tinder is a brilliantly simple hook-up app.


Dipify is a messenger that finds online coincidences.


What’s more simple than swiping-left and right?  

Doing nothing and being yourself.  Save your thumbs.  Dipify introduces you to people through online serendipity— based on what you do.  Simply set and forget.  When somebody is doing the same things as you, Dipify will provide you the tools to engage your wit.  It is as everyday as watching YouTube.


Granted, you may (or may not) have a Tinder hack to automatically swipes right every time for.  But you still have to find something to say.


What’s more natural than a pick-up line?

The right excuse to talk to someone.  No more copy+paste pick-ups everyone has already heard— because they are all from the same pick-up app.  Dipify introduces you to people at the right moment to talk.  In a situation where you are checking out the same motivational video, or a cheesy short, you’ll realize finding the right words comes naturally.


And the profile?

Reading profiles are over-rated.  That’s why Tinder barely has one, and still nobody reads them.  Dipify saves you from publish a public curriculum vitae.  You are safe from judgement.  Dipify is as natural as bumping into somebody at a pub brawl book club.  Forget the meat market.  It’s so casual you’ll be like…


But what about the sex?

Ah yes, despite what pundits say, Tinder really is how people meet hookup in real life the club.  But Dipify saves you time, proactively filtering out the hot-and-bothered from the just bothered.  You know exactly who to hit on (or not).  You can finally flirt free from worry of your Facebook pic circulating #TinderLines.


Dipify doesn’t replace the addictive voyeurism online dating provides; it creates a whole new approach to life.  And Dipify fits so easily into everyday life, you can still have your cake and eat it too.


Check out Dipify now.

To Aspire to Inspire is the Essence of Great

App Socially Rewards Curiosity & Discovery

aspire to inspire


You’ll never really get the full story why people develop apps.  The story usually gets buried under more marketable pitches.


After finishing our first draft of the Dipify Press-Kit, I couldn’t help myself from attaching a small note in the end— what Dipify really means to me.


I’ve overcome some really devastating chapters in my life.   I give a lot of credit to exploring more interests.  However, it wasn’t easy for me to find friends to join me.  Having people around is a big part of whether our interests stick or falter.  It took me years to finally shred my first mountain.  I’m truly blessed with my snowboard friends.


Dipify is a great app to meet friends, share ideas, and discover love through our online activity (ie. watching Youtube)  Dipify can socially support curiosity and growth.  Exploration shouldn’t have to be a solo journey.  Dipify paves the way with awesome people.  Dipify will keep us interested no matter what twists and turns taken in our everyday interests.


Social “reward” or “support” is not something we can openly say.  You may never download Dipify for this reason, or even realize what it can do.  Dipify truly embodies serendipity; something positive that you aren’t actively looking for.


To aspire to inspire is the essence behind all great art, business and people.

Privacy Policy Dipify

Privacy Policy = Startup Policy

We Live in The Moment


The Facebook witch hunt has taken longer than usual to blow over.  While I was waiting out the complaints on my feeds, I went over Dipify’s use of literature in the Privacy Policy.  I realized our makeshift fine-print reflects our overall policy as a serendipitous social app, and a startup.


In case you haven’t noticed, Dipify is big on simplicity and privacy.  (We believe our social and dating lives are none of other people’s business.)


We originally planned for a ‘clear data’ button to wipe all your personal activity.  Then we realized we are simply not rich enough to store all that information anyways.  So f**k it.  We delete all the user activity after an hour.  Dipify is about connecting people, based on what’s relevant NOW.  We live in the moment.


At this moment we have no further ideas (or reasons) to store anything— not even under the ‘guise of improving user experience.  I actually had to Google ‘Big Data’.  Dipify is focused on being a complimentary part of life as it happens.  Further more, we have no reason to over-complicate things.  If we had any feasible plans in the future to do otherwise (or become ludicrously rich and drunk with power), we’ll be sure to run it by everybody first.


In reality, we aren’t slick business people, with our hands rubbed together.  We are just average people like you, with everyday concerns about privacy.  We made Dipify based on our experiences, so we want our policies to reflect our own expectations of privacy.


Our goal is to make life simple and our working privacy policy is declaration of confidence.