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Dipify:  Naturally Meet People By Watching YouTube (PR)


Dipify app wants to change the way people connect online, by bumping into each other, as if the Internet was a real place.  Earlier this October, the ambitious start up released its Android app silently on Google play, with an iOS release just around the corner.



Imagine YouTube as a real place.  Dipify allows people to connect, as if at a music concert, simply by watching YouTube.  Make new friends, reconnect with old ones.  Dipify is not online dating; it’s online serendipity; it’s a virtualization of everyday life.


Of course, it wouldn’t be serendipity if it isn’t effortless.  Dipify only requires users to set, forget, and watch YouTube.  Dipify notifies netizens who are watching the same thing at the same time  The only tinkering necessary is answering awesome messages.


Dipify was originally created in by former singles’ event planners, Derek Lam and Natawon Chang.  Unlike speed dating, Derek and Chris facilitated friendships through events and adventures.  What a host does for a group outing, Dipify does for your favorite apps and websites.


Derek says, “There is no better time to trade stories than watching the same travel videos; there is no better excuse to make a date than watching the same movie trailer.  There’s even an off chance you can find a good reason to reconnect with that guy who borrowed $2 back in high school.”


ScreenshotDipify may currently feature YouTube; but it also works with certain Facebook features— readers can connect with others who are ‘liking’ the same articles on Bangkok Post.  “The hope is to add more popular social media in the near future.  We believe that each new add-on brings us closer to encouraging people to simply enjoy their life/internet and explore new interests.  Friends will come naturally,” says Derek.



Dipify (beta) is currently available on Google Play, with an iOS and web release just around the corner.


Dipify is a startup focused on connecting people through popular websites and apps.  By providing more applications and add-ons, Dipify rewards curiosities and interests with meaningful relationships.  View our full story at: about.dipify.com.












(3.44 zip – with screenshots logos & press release doc)

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Last updated:  Oct 22, 2014