About Derekonomy

Hello, I am Derek.  I am an entrepreneur from Vancouver, in Beautiful British Columbia.

A big part of what shapes my heart and perspectives are my travels.  I love immersing myself in other cultures and way-of-life-s.  On my spare-time I like to snowboard and long board.  I also I also have a bunch of geeky hobbies too.

After slaving a few years, and taking some hefty risks I find myself at a point where I can take a shot at a big dream.  Because the real thrill of being an entrepreneur is always thinking bigger.  Of course there are always going to be time for things I am personally passionate about doing.


I Am in the Business of Connecting People

DipifyI always dreamed of turning ripples into splashes.  With my latest full-time project, I’m turning my past experiences into something I hope will shape the way we interact with each other.  I strongly believe it will close the distance we keep between ourselves and the unknown public.

Dipify is an online website and app that discovers coincidences and connects us to awesome people.  All we have to do is be our natural selves.  Opportunities to connect with awesome people are created online, just as stepping out the door creates opportunities offline.



I Create Websites*

My goal isn’t to just make websites; it’s to help create real assets for small businesses and aspiring individuals.  With my experiences in business and marketing,  I’ve provided effective solutions for e-commerce, booking systems to portfolios.  Although my sites are pretty, they are always function over form;  benefits over features.

*Currently not seeking additional projects.



I Write

3rdbeachI like to write about and snap various ways we, in modern society, get social.  From the traditional to the modernly freaky.  I get in there.  Call it a professional hobby, turned personal curiosity.  I’m not here to embarrass anybody other than myself.  I write to inspire.  Because the people we surround ourselves with ultimately determine who we develop into.  My goal is to prove: no matter where you are (online or offline), there are interesting people.  Vancouver isn’t unfriendly, just growing.  And the world isn’t just filled with rubbish and silliness.

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I Was Formerly in Hospitality

My first business was an award-winning restaurant, Cassis Bistro, known to many as “the Hidden Gem of Vancouver”.  It was sold way before it driven to the ground by another party.  Soon after, we opened Calabash Bistro with hopes of building off our success in special events and passion for live music we had started at Cassis.

Along the way, Natawon had introduced me to singles’ activity clubs.  Under the name Right Invites, and in partnership with other companies, we organizing unique events geared towards singles.   In a short time we made a splash, filling small parties to large concerts.  Through this, Natawon and I discovered new opportunities to create an innovative app to help awesome people connect to others— Dipify.



I’m Always Open to Help

Everything meaningful I have ever done, was for people.   With real passion and the kindness of strangers, the entrepreneur spirit prevails.  So always feel free to reach out.  My doors are always open to those who want to do something positive.


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